RPL Pathway

StreamlinED takes a brand new approach to delivering and assessing ASA swimming teaching and coaching qualifications. As the name suggests we are small and so have minimal administration costs-however we assure excellent quality. Our small team consists of swimming enthusiasts and educationalists only and we have a schools and college inspector, an FE teacher, an internal and external verifier and of course ASA licensed tutors…we are not about to do a bad job!

By working with your club and using a process called the recognition of prior learning we can offer you a bespoke programme that can take as little as two weeks to get qualified and save up to 50% of the cost. Depending on numbers your club can even get cash back to put to your funds!

So this is the outline proposal-it is totally flexible to meet the needs of your club and if you want to team up with other clubs or sell places to help with your funds that is fine by us.

You tell us the expressions of interest from your potential learners. Learners can do their qualifications together so no need to do L1 followed then by their L2 in a few months (as long as they are able)
We will then confirm the price for you-a guide is below
We would send all learners a simple one-page application from and they can tell us what they are seeking to do and what their experiences are. It is even better if their coach or club official can endorse their attributes
We would then arrange to come to your club and meet the learners and hold an initial induction and assessment-this will take about two hours. They also receive a complimentary textbook.
A further meeting would then be arranged where we would come into your club to carry out the assessment-remember learners can be assessed at different levels during the same assessment
Learners would have on line support options where we can deliver lessons and offer support if needed (in real time speaking to an ASA tutor)
If extra meetings are needed prior to certification this can be included at an additional cost-but we will keep you fully informed
Once all standards are met we can then certificate
This can take as little as 2 weeks depending on the experiences and abilities of the learner

So there is no attendance at courses-just the continuation or the start of the work they will be doing at your club in your club. This is a tried and tested method so please don’t think we are using you as guinea pigs!

The price using the RPL pathway is much reduced because we are working with you. Currently a L1 course could cost about £300-400 and a Level 2 £700-800 and learners will need to commit to up to 11 days of attendance.

However, we just need your learners to be at your club working on pool side with you. Our programmes cost as little as £200 for L1 and £400 for a L2-combine them and the cost is only £550 (if you can guarantee 20 registrations for your club - so if one learner takes their L1 and L2 Teaching this is two registrations).

If your numbers are less we would agree a price with you. If the numbers are 25+ you enjoy a £500 cash back for your club funds.

If you are interested please could you email us at; frances@streamlin-ed.co.uk and we can chat further…

We look forward to hearing from you…

StreamlinED 2016