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Teaching swimming can be very rewarding whether you are studying, off to University or need work that fits around having children. It is a really fulfilling job and enables you to teach the life skill of swimming to others and/or support your family and friends learning to swim!

Here at StreamlinED we take a brand new approach to delivering and assessing ASA swimming teaching and coaching qualifications. As the name suggests we are small and so have minimal administration costs-however we assure excellent quality. Our small team consists of swimming enthusiasts and educationalists only and we have a schools and college inspector, an FE teacher, an internal and external verifier and of course ASA licensed tutors…we are not about to do a bad job!

We have two different pathways to deliver and assess the teaching and coaching qualifications to meet your needs. We offer the traditional courses which require a number of days of attendance or if you are part of a swimming club and have a good foundation in teaching/coaching by working with you and your club we can use a process called the recognition of prior learning (RPL) to offer you bespoke programme that can take as little as two weeks to get you qualified and save up to 50% of the cost. For more information please visit the various tabs on the left hand side of this screen.

The cost of our courses are much reduced compared to other approved training centres so what are you waiting for – book you place today!

We look forward to hearing from you…

Why choose StreamlinED?

We offer a different service (well we are of course an ASA Awarding Body approved centre so that is the same)

Our team are highly experienced and qualified in a range of relevant fields. All have a proven record of success. This includes a range of experts who offer guest presentations in their field to ensure you are up to date and motivated. This includes:
* A fully qualified primary teacher and swimming teacher who specialises in the quality of teaching and learning, effective feedback and communication skills as well dealing successfully with the more difficult swimmers
* An education inspector who will offer guidance on safeguarding, data protection and health and safety-we keep this short and snappy to ensure you can move onto the swimming stuff!
* Our tutor/assessor is also highly regarded with not only years of successful swimming teaching and tutoring but also a long history in mainstream education. She is ably supported by an NPLQ Trainer Assessor, with a degree in sports science and a former top ten ranked GB swimmer. You won’t get a better combination!

We work closely together to offer you a streamlined service with no wasted time, delivery that meets individual needs and to allow you to become qualified efficiently and to move onto a swimming teaching job! We also offer you further support for your development once you have completed.

Our delivery is through a range of methods including face to face in a class room (don’t worry there is not too much sitting still), engaging real time on line training (again full support is offered to make sure you can access this and if there is a need alternatives are offered - this is not a recording) and of course as much practical swimming as we can. If you need more help we offer it-if you need less we won’t waste your time.

This all means we can offer programmes at a much reduced cost with high quality provision and for you to qualify more quickly-we use experts to make sure you benefit.

StreamlinED-the best way to become an excellent swimming teacher.

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